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Quonset Huts - Post WW II

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ABOVE...Chicago Tribune 1941

ABOVE...LIFE Magazine 1946

ABOVE...Kankakee, Illinois 1947

ABOVE...Photo by LIFE photographer Bernie Hoffman. Romy.

ABOVE...Photo by LIFE photographer Bernie Hoffman. John McCammon.

ABOVE...Chicago Daily News, May 16, 1946.

ABOVE...Left ~ Gibson City Courier October 24, 1946 and Tri-County Monthly Novermber 14, 1946 Right ~ Morris Daily Herald July 13, 1946.

ABOVE...Iraquois County Times, May 6, 1946.

ABOVE, TOP...The Manteno News, November 21, 1946.

ABOVE, RIGHT...Momence Progress Reporter, July 26, 1946.

ABOVE...Paxton Daily Record, April 27, 29 and May 2, 1946.

ABOVE...Kankakee Daily Journal, 1946.

ABOVE...Uses listed above do not include some of the uses below and vise versa.

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