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Dearborn Inn - 1931

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Henry Ford built the Dearborn Inn in 1931 to accommodate overnight travelers arriving at the Ford Airport. Located opposite the inn on Oakwood Boulevard, the airport opened in 1924. The 179-room inn, designed by Albert Kahn, was the world's first airport hotel. The Georgian-style structure features a crystal chandeliered ballroom and high ceilings. Its room's are decorated with reproductions of furniture and fabrics of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The guest quarters along pilots Row originally were used by the airline's crews. The inn and the adjacent Colonial homes reflect Henry Ford's fondness for American history

William Clay Ford's autograph. The original is on file in the Hammes Archives.

Now, at the beginning of its second century, another Ford family member has been named CEO of Ford Motor Company, the first family member to hold the position in more than 20 years. Like his uncle, Henry Ford II, William Clay Ford Jr. (great-grandson of Henry Ford) leads a company where "family" has a much broader meaning, referring to far more than just those with the last name "Ford." Today, the Ford family comprises employees, dealers, suppliers, shareholders, customers, and more-all those that help fulfill the vision Bill Ford has defined for the company: to create great products that benefit customers, shareholders, and society

This model was purchased on our honeymoon in October of 1954 at the Dearborn Inn Gift Shop

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