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Building A Church - 1963

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St. Ambrose Catholic Church
Wall, Texas
(325) 651-7551
Holy Family Mission
Mereta, Texas

Holy Family Mission Statement

We are a holy family, modeled after the Holy Family. We welcome people of all cultures to worship and to religious education. We care for one another in our congregation and take initiative in doing whatever is needed in our church. We want to reach out to the community, especially in proclaiming the gospel and in ministry to youth and the elderly.

Rev. Bernard J. Binversie became pastor of Wall on April 4, 1962. It was during his tenure that momentum increased to establish Mereta as a formal mission and to build a Catholic church in the town. By that time, the Diocese of San Angelo had been established, with Most
Rev. Thomas J. Drury as Bishop of the area.

Father Binversie must have pushed hard for this church at Mereta because Bishop Drury, in a letter to the general secretary of the Extension Society, wrote that "Father Binversie is a very zealous priest and he gave me no rest until we revived the place again." The building was constructed by J.L. Traywick at a cost of $16,325.00. A major contribution of $10,000.00 was made by Mr. and Mrs. Romy Hammes through the Catholic Church Extenson Society. The Extension Society also contributed vestments, altar linens, candlesticks, a bronze tabernacle, a baptismal font, and other articles. The response of the Extension Society was hastened by the fact that the diocese and parish were willing for the Extension donors to name the new church. "Holy Family" was chosen.

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