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Hammes Bookstore - 1997 & Map

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PURPOSE: to have a resource for Marmion to profit by in order to keep tuition increases from raising and deny a student population that is need for survival.

PROFIT: to make a profit at the Hammes Bookstore for the benefit of the academy.

PRIDE: to has items available assist in elevating the " pride " of the students, parents, and all those associated with the academy.

RECRUITMENT: to help identify with items by marketing M. M. A. as an identifiable choice for education.

DONATIONS: to impress potential and past donors that we are for real and their contributions will be helpful forever.

PROFIT CENTER: to fund a profit center ( sometimes called a cost center ) that will be accountable to the academy with in generally accepted accounting principles

A gift vase as a token of appreciation on Pegs retirement from the Hammes Family 2005


Marmion’s Hammes Bookstore was dedicated on October 21, 1999 and named in honor of Dorene and Jerry Hammes ’49 of South Bend IN. The Hammes’ generosity lead to the expansion and remodeling of the Academy’s bookstore during the renovations of the Yender Hall classroom building in 1999 where it was located in the lower level of Yender Hall. In the Fall of 2013 it was re-named the Hammes Campus Store and was moved to the upstairs Alumni Hall (gym) foyer .

The Hammes Campus Store is the fifth in the country named in recognition of the Hammes family. The flagship store is the Hammes Bookstore at the University of Notre Dame.

Mr. Hammes believes that the bookstore is an on-going resource for Marmion. “.... Marmion identified items – caps, T-shirts, jackets – can help promote the school and be important with recruiting and admissions…it can build pride among students, alumni and parents and be a real marketing vehicle”, said Hammes on October 21, 1999 at the dedication ceremony.

The Hammes Campus Store is managed by Joe Currie '82. The 2013-2014 hours are:
Monday - Friday, 7:15 am - 3:00 pm
For further information please contact Joe Currie at or (630) 897-6936, ext. 253

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