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Academic - 1949 * 1952

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Taken from the transcripts

Fr 1949-1950 1st sem Placed on academic probation at the end of the 1st sem.

Fr. 1949-1950 2nd sem.Removed probation end of 2nd sem.

Jul 25 1950 Withdrew voluntary

So. 1950-1951 1st sem.Placed on probation at the end of 1st sem.
(low qualitative average)

So. 1950-1951 2nd sem. Continued probation at the end of 2nd sem.
(low qualitative average)

Jr. 1951-1952 1st sem. Continued on probation for low qualitative average at the end of 1st sem.

Jr. 1951-1952 2nd sem. Dropped for low scholarship at the end of 2nd sem.
By the Dean of the College of Commerce

President Bush said during a commencement speech on May 21, 2001 at his Alma mater Yale,

"To the C students I say-- you too can be president of the United States,"

Jerry Hammes should have said at Campus Ministry dedication on May 4,
2001 about his experience with Notre Dame,

"To the students that fail and get kicked out of Notre Dame
--you too can donate to Notre Dame."

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