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1955 Ford Thunderbird

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The "Tbird" was introduced in the era of a lot of factory and dealer fanfare as the "personal car of American manufacture". The 1st delivery from Romy Hammes Ford, South Bend in bright red was to Attorney Harold T. Miller. It existed as late as May 2002 in Elkhart In. 03.17.03

The 1955 Thunderbird went on sale Oct. 22, 1954, this was the first model. The base sticker price of $2,695 included the removeable hard top, but not the soft top. The fabric soft top was available for $290. Tom Case was the chief product planner for the early Thunderbirds.

The hood stripe design is a Hammes signature which began in 1973 and is carried forward in the family tradition.
2003 TBird aka "Kidsgift"
2003 Cobra.

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