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1977 450SL Mercedes

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The last new Mercedes delivered from Freeman-Spicer dealership prior to closing that franchise as an MB dealer. It was for Dorene, she never suspected or expected. Eli Spicer was also a competitor selling Studebakers in the hometown of Studebaker. I was the Ford dealer. Picture that challenge! Eli was also a friend and is yet today. The sticker was $21,701.00. A comparable in 1992 was over $100,000.00. Daughter Sue arranged for it to be on display as a merchandising prop at Redwood and Ross in their Scottsdale Mall store to sell clothing. SOLD. 3.17.03

Touch of Class
by Carl Rizzuto

It was like a Hepburn and Tracy movie, or perhaps a better
comparison would be the Charles and Diana union -- a Mercedes Benz
brought together and surrounded by the atmosphere of a Redwood &
Ross clothing store - class rubbing elbows with class.

The idea was thought of by Sue Hammes (whose folks own the car)
ladies department manager at the Scottsdale store After seeing the
Redwood & Ross Advertisement with model Sarah VanDis leaning
against a Mercedes - Sue thought, why not bring the ad to life?

Manager Tom Garvey thought the idea a little too different, but
with a little persuasion from Sue and assistant manager Paul
Barrineau the plans were made to bring the 450SL to the second story
of the mall where the store is set; and ever so carefully place it in
the realm of richness.

There was a delay in the plans for a couple of weeks, everything
had to be just right. The car first had to have a new paint job (a
beautiful canary yellow) and a front license plate had to be designed
to match the R&R crest.

Once the auto was in the store it looked right at home. Tom and
the crew received many compliments, (besides being asked where the
raffle tickets were) and many new faces were seen in the store, not
just to view the car - but also to get acquainted with the
Redwood & Ross tradition.

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